Ankylosing spondylitis. A Bechterew-kór és tünetei

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Both diseases have been associated with generalized and localized bone loss, accelerated atherosclerosis, increased CV morbidity and mortality. Bone and vascular biomarkers and parameters along with the effect of one-year anti-TNF therapy on these markers ankylosing spondylitis assessed in order to determine correlations between vascular pathophysiology and bone metabolism in RA and AS.

Data on the effects of vascular markers on bone and bone effects on vasculature had undergone statistical analysis. Results: We found a great number of correlations between vascular and bone surrogate markers.

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Some biomarkers at baseline also significantly determined other parameters at later time points. Moreover, one-year biologic treatment combined with baseline levels of different bone biomarkers may predict changes of IMT upon therapy.

According to the multivariate analyses, systemic inflammation C-reactive protein or disease activity, as well as their change between baseline and 12 months may significantly influence the interrelationship between certain bone and vascular biomarkers.

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Some bone markers may predict vascular status after one-year treatment and vice versa. Systemic inflammation and arthritic disease activity may influence the associations between bone and vascular biomarkers. Disclosure: A. Pusztai, None; A. Hamar, None; M. Czókolyová, None; K. Horváth, None; E. Ankylosing spondylitis, None; Z. Pethő, None; S. Szamosi, None; E. Balogh, None; N. Szentpétery, None; H. Bhattoa, None; G. Kerekes, None; B. Szekanecz, None; K. Hodosi, None; A.

Domján, None; S. Szántó, None; H. Raterman, None; W. Lems, None; Z. Szekanecz, Pfizer, 1; G. Szűcs, None.

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