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Urology surgeries in 3DMay 24 - Bipolar prostate surgery, 3D laparoscopy, laser kidney stone surgery — some of the most modern surgical pocedures were presented on the master course that began at the Urology Kezeljük a térdízület ereit of the University of Debrecen last Friday.

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Attended by foreign and Hungarian experts, the Debrecen Endourology Days on May 11 and 12 offered urology experts ten live stream surgeries including four laparoscopic urology surgeries carried out by specialists in 3D. The participants of the course can follow the surgeries wearing 3D glasses as the streaming itself take splace using a 3D projector and screen.

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It is also at this institution that the 3D technique has first become available in Hungary. On the two-day-long course specialists in urology can familiarise themselves with the most up-to-date procedures,such as 3D laparoscopy, laser kidney stone surgery, or bipolar prostate surgery.

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The interventions are carried out by Hungarian specialists as well as four foreign ones, from Germany, Poland, and Italy, who, due to the live streaming, can be contiunuously asked by the course participants.

The master course presents the novel surgery technique that is at present applied exclusively at the Urology Clinic of the University of Debrecen.

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This procedure was first introduced in the clinic by Zoltán Kiss in November This technique, however, enables endoscopic removal, thus replacing open prostate surgery, said Zoltán Kiss.

The organiser of the master course stressed that a speciality of the congress will be a laser kidney stone surgery to be presented by a specialist from Milan.

TURP - LASER Prostatectomy - Enlarged Prostate (BPH) Surgical Treatment Options

This solution reduces the risk of urinary tract infections, the patients are easier to anaesthetise and performing the operation is easier both for the patient and the surgeon, the specialist said. The event was attended by close to one hundred specialists.

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